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The Right Voice

Posted on 22 November, 2019 at 14:26 Comments comments (3033)

Like many of us, I have created different ringtones on my phone so that certain calls will stand out from all others. For instance, I want to make sure that if my phone is in another room and it rings I will know it's my husband because his incoming call has its own specific ringtone. I know it's him and I make his call a priority to answer. Do you know when God is calling you? Are you able to hear his voice and distinguish it from all other voices? Do you talk to Him and listen enough to KNOW His voice? How quickly do you respond when He wants your attention? Is time spent with Him a priority? We MUST be able to hear and recognize His voice above all the other voices and noise of this world! Jesus is our Good Shepherd! John 10:27 says, "My sheep HEAR MY VOICE, and I know them, and they follow me." Hey! You have an incoming call! You didn't answer it because you didn't recognize who it was! It was God calling! Every true RELATIONSHIP must have dialogue! Get to know The Voice of God!  Proverbs 2:1-5
Rev Roz

The Storm

Posted on 22 November, 2019 at 14:01 Comments comments (62)

Storms are part of life. You learn a lot of things in the storm. The enemy will try to tell you that you aren't strong enough to endure the storm. That God doesn't care about you! But your time of listening to LIES is over! The Lord is standing with you, giving you strength! When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person as you were when you went in. That's what the storm is all about! So I'm sending out a warning to the hosts of hell! A storm is coming! And since God has given me the VICTORY, now, I AM the storm! Psalm 34:17-20; Proverbs 10:25
Rev. Roz

Ultimate Beauty!

Posted on 16 September, 2019 at 14:31 Comments comments (56)
I need to say this! Women - particularly women of color - are constantly being bombarded by media messages telling us we need to change - we’re NOT good enough the way we are naturally! We need to look more like somebody else’s standard of beauty! Our hair, eyes, lips, nose, chin, cheekbones, rear end and everything else are unacceptable! And by the way ALL HAIR IS GOOD! We must stop the demeaning slavery lingo about good and bad hair! The negative things that have been said to too many young black girls is one reason why there are so many broken women! Some of us mutilate ourselves trying to satisfy the longing to be somebody other than who we are! Why do we continue to follow the crowd and buy into this culture that promotes self-hatred for profit! Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars not to enhance, but to ALTER your appearance! You are beautiful just the way you are! Yes you are! Love and value yourself! Love and celebrate your freckles, your curves, your hair and your beautiful skin color! Own your diverse unique beauty! And most importantly God loves us and has lavished us with grace and honor! Our identity rests in Christ Jesus, which is more than enough for us to live secure in mind, body and spirit!  Gen 1:27; Deut 33:12; Song 4:7; Rom 12:2

Rev Roz

The Beauty of the Heart

Posted on 9 August, 2019 at 11:18 Comments comments (59)

Beauty is perceived by many people as being physical. Part of human nature is to be drawn to whatever we find ATTRACTIVE - and everyone has a different definition of what attractive means to them. The problem is too many people have a superficial view of what beauty is thanks to the images that are constantly being shoved down our throats through the media. However, the external has NOTHING to do with CHARACTER within. A fancy gift wrapped box can hide something detrimental! And don’t carelessly pass by something that looks plain or ordinary and miss the gift of a lifetime! If you are addicted to going after what looks good to your natural eye, time to detox! Everything that looks good TO YOU is not necessarily good FOR YOU! Humans look at the outward appearance but GOD looks at the heart! Use Godly WISDOM!  1 Samuel 16:7; Song of Solomon 4:7; Proverbs 31:30

Rev Roz

Our Inheritance

Posted on 17 June, 2019 at 12:47 Comments comments (60)

Hear this! The stuff inside of us that we refuse to deal with, the issues we ignore and the lack of healing and deliverance in our own lives will negatively affect our children and be passed on from one generation to the next!  What will your generations inherit from you? It’s never too late to break that generational cycle of dysfunction and sin and start a brand new legacy of blessings! Do not make your children run from something you should have conquered!  Do not allow your children and their children’s children to go through what you went through!  1 John 1:9; Ezekiel 18:31-32

Rev Roz

Into the Deep

Posted on 9 June, 2019 at 11:35 Comments comments (114)

The truth is many believers will not spend QUALITY time with God, and don’t TRULY worship Him! They don’t want to enter into the presence of God because they don’t want to open up to God! They fear what might happen if they let their guards down and allow The Holy Ghost to get a real good hold on them! They don’t want the accountability that comes with actually connecting with God during prayer/worship! There’s only so far they will go and no further! If they feel themselves letting go, they will pull back because their self-defense mechanisms are activated against going in too deep! So they stay in the shallow end of their faith and never go into the deeper waters where they are more vulnerable! They do not want to deal with their inner issues that manifest outwardly in their lives, even to the point of subjecting others to their toxicity. The presence of God is the exact place of vulnerability that we all need to be! Dive into the deep! No more hiding in the shallows! It is the place of healing and deliverance - wholeness and freedom! GO ALL THE WAY IN! Let GO and let GOD!
Isaiah 55:1; John 4:23-24; Jeremiah 29:11-13; Psalm 63:1

Rev Roz

Exposing the Hidden

Posted on 10 December, 2018 at 13:10 Comments comments (62)

Father God, in the Name of Jesus! Uncover hidden agendas, ulterior motives and masks!  Let all things hiding in darkness be exposed by the Light! Clear away the fog and help us to discern what has been unseen and to recognize the actor and the counterfeit! Let all secret plans being plotted against us be destroyed by the fire of God!  We FOCUS our spiritual eyes so that we can see things that are camouflaged in plain sight! Anoint our ears to hear what is not being spoken! We decree and declare that our eyes are being enlightened, our understanding is increasing and our faith is growing stronger as we enter into a deeper level of intimacy with you O Lord!  We thank you and declare it is so!  In Jesus Name! 
1 John 4:1; Ephesians 5:8,11; Psalm 139:12

Rev Roz

The Right Voice

Posted on 7 December, 2018 at 16:54 Comments comments (84)

Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were in a large indoor stadium with tens of thousands of people. We were sitting in a balcony over the main floor. Suddenly something happened on the main floor which caused people to panic and begin running in every direction trying to get out of the stadium. We did not leave our seats but instead waited until AFTER the major chaos and panic had died down. THEN we went out into the lobby area where men dressed in black were directing people to go out a certain way. My husband and I were holding hands and the men tried to direct me one way and my husband another way, trying to separate us.  Instead of following their instructions, we continued to hold on to each other, went in a completely different direction and got out safely. There is a specific message in this dream for me personally, and a larger message in general. The larger message is a warning. When I thought about this dream I remembered that at the very end all of the thousands of people who had followed the direction of the men in black had literally disappeared!  They were nowhere to be found inside or outside of the stadium! But because my husband and I stayed together and went in a different direction we were able to get out safely! Listen! The enemy will attempt to cause chaos and confusion in your life! Do not make hasty, emotional decisions! If we do not remain CALM and stay FOCUSED on the Lord, we will get caught up in the mayhem and carried away into destruction! The Holy Spirit will guide us away from danger and in the way that we should go! Obey and follow His voice and NOT the voice of a stranger!  
John 10:3-5

Where Your Treasure Is...

Posted on 9 November, 2018 at 18:53 Comments comments (59)
Separate things that are essential for your life from what is trivial and unnecessary! Do not be distracted by spending an excessive amount of time on things that do NOT build you up SPIRITUALLY!  Stay FOCUSED!  Know the difference between when you are spending time doing your “hobby” and when you are really escaping from dealing with life!  The Spirit of the Lord says to those who have an ear to hear, “When you stop seeking Me FIRST and you stop living and walking in the Spirit, you will find yourself in the flesh!  Your heart will always pursue what you treasure most!  Come with Me and I will take you to a place you have not yet experienced and I will show you how use the keys I have given you to unlock your future! Come with me and I will pour into you living water! Get ready to come up higher!"
Matthew 6:21 & 33; Isaiah 33:6; Psalm 119:37
Rev Roz


Posted on 9 November, 2018 at 18:46 Comments comments (50)

Guard your gate!  When you allow into your life what God does not condone, that thing will come in and take up residence and cause chaos until you disconnect from it and kick it out!  Stop ignoring what you need to deal with!  Stop walking past the huge purple elephant sitting in the middle of your living room as if it’s not there!  Stop tolerating demons and negotiating with what God has called you to cast out of your life!  
1 Peter 5:8; Psalm 139:22; 1 Kings 8:38; Matthew 5:48
Rev Roz